Become a Gym Ready Lips Ambassador

Gym Ready Lips Brand Ambassador

What does an ambassador do?

It is very important for us that our ambassadors share the love for our products as much as we do! As an ambassador, your job will be to represent our brand outwards in the best way possible. This includes for example exposing our brand on your social medias and blogs.

Are there any perks?

Ambassadors will be provided with a product of their choice, and will be featured on our social medias. The ambassadors will also be provided with an unique discount code that they can provide to their followers. Every time that the code is used and a customer completes a purchase in our webshop – the ambassador earns commission. 

Who can apply?

Our ideal ambassador is someone that lives for training and fitness and that loves to expose that lifestyle on their social medias with pictures and videos.
A well-established online presence and a highly-engaged network/follower base is recommended.

As mentioned in the first paragraph it is vital for us that the ambassador shares the same love for our products as we do. To those who apply, owning a GRL Product will be prioritized and put you ahead of others.